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Our customer base has increase in years of good and reliable service. Please read the following reviews given to us from our customers.

I have been taking my car to these guys for over 10 years. Probably up to 5 cars now. I always feel they have given good service and advice. Recently they even allowed me to bring in my own struts for replacement on my Subaru Outback XT. Unfortunately I found out the other shop I went to who replaced the struts did a lousy job. I would recommend them. It's hard to know who is being honest or not these days however I always have had a good experience and feel they are being honest with me regarding the issues with my cars. I don't get a hard sell but good information, like this can wait but you should consider it soon.

- (9/27/2018)

Richard and Louis are knowledgeable, competent, and effective from the time they diagnose problems to the completion of the job. Their answers are straightforward and their prices are fair. I highly recommend this shop.

- (8/10/2018)

When I got home from work a couple days ago, I found my window had been broken into. I called Alameda Auto lab the next day and luckily they were able to take me and fix my window. Wow. Fast and reliable service. They took all the glass out and even dried my car since there was so much water from the rain coming in. I got a great price. Robert, the owner was very understanding and I could tell he wanted to help right away! Thanks Alameda Auto Lab! You guys rock!

- (6/20/2018)

I recently finally took a friend's advice and had my Z3 and Z4 towed the same day to this auto repair shop in Alameda. I had been taking my cars for some years to another auto repair shop, almost next door, but in the last couple of years, I have not felt that they were finding the problem of my Z4 having a draw on the battery that it kept going dead. The other problem is that the owner and his son have sour personalities. Just didn't make me feel welcome. They acted like I was bothering them. Stressful environment!
My experience at Alameda Auto Lab was almost Zen-like. A very peaceful and friendly and very clean environment for an auto shop that made me feel welcome. They got both of my cars repaired and returned within one day. of each other. They also came in on a Saturday to repair the Z4 for me. I also felt the fees I paid were reasonable. The owner, Roberto, felt like an old friend!  I highly recommend this auto shop for quick turnaround of your vehicle and honesty and professionalism in their work!

- (6/19/2018)

When I accidentally put too much oil in my Honda Fit (don't ask) and there were plumes of smoke coming out of my tailpipe I called and went immediately to Alameda Auto Lab. I had taken my old Saturn there years ago and had good service. Everyone was wonderful and they fixed the problem effectively and efficiently. What a great auto repair shop. Do yourself a favor and visit them soon. You will not be disappointed.

- (4/8/2018)

First major service I've had done on my car. I called around to other places and they had the best price. Service was friendly and on time. My parents have been going here for years and I probably will be too.

- (3/23/2018)

This auto shop is great! Friendly people that you can trust and fair deals. The vehicle repair is pretty quick and they do a good job.

- (2/6/2018)

5 Stars 4 Years later!! Alameda Auto Lab continues to deliver top-notch, honest and professional service. My F-150 recently got a make-over and winterized for a "2nd Honeymoon" 2,000 mile road trip. My son's turbo-charged Ford Fiesta just got new front brakes. Always two thumb's up for keeping us mechanically safe on the road !!!

- (12/19/2017)

I took my car to get checked out today as my headlights have seemed dim while driving at night. The team did a thorough assessment and let me know that the lights were fine and only seemed dim because of some dust covering the lights (I drive on dusty roads to get to work). They cleaned off the dust and showed me that the lights were fine. Also, they did not charge me! I offered to pay or leave a tip but they kept declining. I will definitely go back if my car has an actual issue. Everyone was very nice and very honest and helpful. Locally owned business as well!

- (11/30/2017)

I love this place! Fast and friendly service. I really feel like I'm getting a great value for my money. Robert is a good guy and I really trust him and his guys. They always remember me, send me a Christmas card in December, and keep my little bag of bolts running all over the Bay. :)

- (11/16/2017)

Luis and Robert are absolutely the BEST at what they do!  They treat people the way they would like to be treated themselves.  They are honest people, and do good work. They also stand behind their work. They have been taking care of our cars for years, and always do a good job. I have recommended many people to them, and they have all appreciated the referral, as they also discovered that Alameda Auto Lab is a great place to get their cars worked on. They have the latest equipment, they are also the first Green auto repair facility in the state of CA, and they know what they are doing. I can highly recommend Alameda Auto Lab!

- (10/6/2017)

When I got home from work a couple of days ago, I found my car had been broken into and my window was shattered.. I called Alameda Auto lab the next day and luckily they were able to take me and fix my window. Wow. Fast and reliable service!! They took all of the glass out and even dried the inside of  my car since there was so much water from the rain that had gotten inside. Robert, the owner was very understanding and I could tell he wanted to help right away! Not only was this affordable, but the service was fast and efficient. Thanks Alameda auto lab! You guys rock!

- Lissette R. (2/22/2017)

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